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Rust monster (26)
BestoreAtaraxia's Haven 
BlightThe Sunken Sewer 
BrightbaneThe Ruins of Thunderholme (rare) 
CorrosionJustice for Grust 
CrumbleWaterworks rare3
DecaySkyros' Jewel 
Droaam Ogre CavalrySiegebreaker 
Enraged Rust MonsterThe Depths of Doom 
Ferocious Rust MonsterRainbow in the Dark 
Fierce Rust MonsterRainbow in the Dark 
Greed MonsterI Dreem of Jeets 
Huge Rust MonsterAtaraxia's Haven 
Large Rust MonsterTempest's Spine 
LeechIn The Belly of the Beast 
ParasiteIn The Bell of the Beast 
Rust MonsterDepths quests 
RustyThe Snitch 
Rusty Iron Kitchen KeyDelirium 
TarnishRedfang the Unruled 
Temple Rust Monster? 
The EaterDepths of Despair4
The Rust EmperorThe Vault of Night 
Xachosian LandwalkerThe Dreaming Dark (optional chest) 
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Bat (14)
BatThe Underdark (near the spider nest explorer) 
Blackfang BatAnd the Dead Shall Rise... 
Cave BatKorthos - Necromancer's Doom 
Fiend-Blood BatVale of Twilight (Explorer) 
Fiendish BatReturn to the Sanctuary 
Fiendish BatlingDevil Assault6
Fiendish Dire BatDevil Assault - Epic (currently showing as fiendish batling) 
Fiendish Fire BatDevils of Shavarath: Hall of the Third Legion19
Fire Bat DetonantorA Vision of Destruction 
Greater Cave BatThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
Jungle BatReaver's Reach - Mt. Reysalon 
Nodebound Fire Bat? 
Restless Bat?? 
Twilight BatLet Sleeping Dust Lie 
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Rat (16)
Brown RatKorthos Island1
Carcass EaterNecro 3. Orchard of the Macabre, Eerie Forest 
Failed ExperimentThe Black Loch 
Famished RatNecro 3: Tomb of the Tormented14
Fat RatChallenge: Dr Rushmore's Mansion 
Giant Ratvarious 
GorgerRed Fens 
Humongous RatDream Conspiracy18
Mire RatRed Fens 
QuinnyOrchard of the Macabre Rare 
Reanimated RatKorthos: Storehouse's Secret 
Twilight giant ratVale of twilight 
Umbral RatLost in the Swamp20
Undead Bilge RatThree-Barrel Cove 
Undead Giant Ratvarious 
Vile Carcass EaterEerie Forest 
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Wolf (37)
Alpha Wolf? 
Arzag-Khor MuttThe Tear of Dhakaan6
Black Twilight WolfVale of Twilight 
Black WolfStormcleave Outpost 
BlizzardThe Trollish Scourge 
Clamor, the Slayer of HuntersTangleroot Gorge 
Deadheart Pack Wolf? 
Dire Wolfframework 
Flamebound WorgInferno of the Damned 
Frenzied WolfThorn and Paw 
Frost Wolf? 
FurorGarrison's Missing Pack 
GhamzeeSearing Heights 
Glacier Wolf? 
Illusionary WolfParty Crashers 
Island WolfSentinels of Stormreach: Storm the Beaches 
Kar-Thul MuttPath To Whisperdoom 
Leader of the PackRepossession4
Mad DogMissing 
Messenger of the PeaksA Small Problem 
Messenger of the PitsA Small Problem 
Messenger of the PlainsA Small Problem 
MutinyIrestone Inlet 
Night WolfEnter the Kobold 
Pet WolfHigh Road wilderness 
PowderGrey Moon rare 
Restless WolfA Small Problem 
Roving WolfLost in the Swamp24
RuwenzoriReavers Reach: Aussicaex's Valley 
Tormentor WorgTomb of the Tormented 
Twilight Winter WolfVale of Twilight 
Twilight Wolf? 
Winter WolfLair of Summoning 
Worg SentinelRestless Isles 
Worg WarhoundSiegebreaker 
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Earth elemental (33)
Acidstone ElementalAcid Wit 
Adamant Earth ElementalA New Invasion 
Ancient Element of EarthVale of Twilight 
Bound Earth ElementalDr. Rushmore's Mansion 
BremikiteAcid Wit 
Brimstone ArchonUnderdark Arena: The Ring of Fire 
DamaszeThe Shroud 
Deepstone ElementalThe Underdark (explorer area) 
Dense Stone Earth ElementalRainbow in the Dark 
Earth Elemental? 
EarthshakerThe Depths of Doom 
Elder Earth ElementalEerie Forest 
Element of EarthVale of Twilight 
EmberThe Ruins of Thunderholme (rare) 
Fire Hardened Earth ElementalHaywire Foundry 
GraniteThe Depths of Despair 
Greater Earth ElementalStromvauld's Mine 
LandslideThe Depths of Discord 
Large Earth ElementalForgotten Caverns 
Lost Soul's Swamp Elemental?? 
Magma BruteThe Ruins of Thunderholme 
Medium Earth ElementalDepths of Despair 
Prodigal Earth ElementalThe Lord of Eyes 
RochussenVale of Twilight 
Rock WallUndermine 
Spirit of the RocksA Small Problem 
Summoned GuardianA Relic of a Sovereign Past 
ThrumThree Barrel Cove8
Volcanic AnnihilatorFire on Thunder Peak 
Volcanic DevastatorFire on Thunder Peak 
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Mephit (48)
Air MephitThe Swiped Signet 
Air Mephit Prince? 
Air Mephit Warrior?? 
CalcineSearing Heights rare 
Dust Mephit? 
Dust Mephit Warrior?? 
Element of FerniaThe Church and the Cult 
Element of RisiaThe Church and the Cult 
Fire MephitThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Fire Mephit WarriorLitany of the Dead 
Greater Air MephitSands of Menechtarun: Against the Demon Queen 
Greater Dust MephitSands of Menechtarun: Against the Demon Queen 
Greater Fire MephitPurge the Fallen Shrine 
Greater Fire Mephit CourtierSands of Menechtarun: Zawabi's Revenge 
Greater Ice Mephit? 
Greater Salt MemphitThree-Barrel Cove (explorer) 
Greater Sand MephitThe Snitch 
Ice Mephit? 
Ice Mephit Warrior? 
Infernal MephitDevils of Shavarath: Genesis Point 
Lava Mephit? 
Maelstrom MephitTharashk Arena 
MemoryPurge the Fallen Shrine 
Mephit Minion? 
Mephit of FerniaPurge the Fallen Shrine 
Mephit of LammaniaStormcleave Outpost 
Mephit of RisiaStormcleave Outpost 
OlotelThree-Barrel Cove: The Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
Palumak the ScourerSands of Menechtarun rare 
Pure Air Mephit? 
Pure Dust Mephit? 
Pure Salt Mephit? 
Pure Sand Mephit? 
Salt Mephit? 
Sand MephitThe Snitch 
SearThe Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate 
SizzleThe Swiped Signet 
SleetThe Swiped Signet 
Soulbound MephitDevils of Shavarath: Genesis Point 
Spirit of FerniaStealer of Souls (Sor'jek optional) 
Spirit of LamanniaStealer of Souls (Sor'jek optional) 
Spirit of RisiaStealer of Souls (Sor'jek optional) 
Spirit of SyraniaStealer of Souls (Sor'jek optional) 
SulphorotRaiding the Giant's Vault 
ThoughtPurge the Fallen Shrine 
WhirlwindThe Swiped Signet 
Young Ice MephitKorthos Island (explorer) 
ZeerKorthos Island rare 
<- Add a new mephit
Troll (73)
AgnarLair of Summoning5
BertozTrial by Fire 
Blackheart AmbassadorThe Jungle of Khyber 
Blackheart Fiend-BloodTrial by Fire 
Blackheart OracleGateway to Khyber 
Blackheart OverlordGateway to Khyber 
Blackheart PathfinderRuins of Gianthold: Trial by Fire 
Blackheart SoothsayerGateway to Khyber 
Blackheart WarmongerGianthold Tor 
Blackheart WarriorGateway to Khyber 
Bonechewer the FoulDepths of Discord5
BrekikGhost of a Chance 
Brineshallow ScragThree-Barrel Cove(EPIC) 
Champion DeathbloodThe Jungle of Khyber 
Champion PreinylJustice for Grust 
Deadheart the UnbeatenTharashk Arena10
Deadheart's SidekickTharashk Arena 
Deathblood TrollSorrowdusk Isle7
DulkAtaraxia's Haven rare12
DulseThree-Barrel Cove rare7
Enforcer SmashjawTharashk Arena 
Fiend-Blood TrollVale of Twilight 
Fiendish Troll EnforcerTomb of the Forbidden 
Fiendish Troll LieutenantDevil Battlefield (Explorer) 
Fiendish Troll RaiderDevils of Shavarath: Hall of the Third Legion19
Fiendish Troll Shaman? 
FrokkeCoalescence Chamber 
FurleySorrowdusk Isle rare8
GeeblebroxRedwillow's Ruins9
GewasternSkyros' Jewel 
GnarkillThe Waterworks 
GraxRuins of Gianthold: Trial by Fire 
Grumnuk the FoulDevil Battlefield 
HammerfistThe Trollish Scourge 
HarblimarRedwillow's Ruins 
Infected TrollMadstone Crater 
KremenSorrowdusk Isle rare (does NOT register) 
MangleEyes of Stone 
MezroxRuins of Gianthold: Trial by Fire 
MoldfangThe Forgotten Caverns8
NoozerSorrowdusk Isle rare8
NuushmaarStormcleave Outpost 
Rort RotseerRuins of Gianthold: Trial by Fire 
ScragAtaraxia's Haven 
Scrag BruteInto the Deep 
Scrag DevotedInto the Deep 
Scrag ForagerAtaraxia's Haven 
Scrag HunterAtaraxia's Haven 
Scrag MutantInto the Deep 
Scrag ShamanAtaraxia's Haven 
Sergeant KroxgeelDevils of Shavarath: Bastion of Power 
Shaman HurpostawThe Trollish Scourge 
Shaman YarsnakExtermination 
SharkbiterRed Fens rare 
ShazamGhost of a chance EPIC 
SlaveBargain of Blood 
Slimepus the Foul-BreathedDepths of Discord5
SmotgukA New Invasion19
SuropoxGwylan's Stand 
TrankirnSkyros' Jewel 
TrollForgotten Caverns 
Troll CaptiveRestless Isles 
Troll ChieftainCaged Trolls 
Troll EnforcerTharashk Arena 
Troll GladiatorTharashk Arena 
Troll ShamanGwylan's Stand 
Ubein-Lnaa The InfernalThe Vale of Twilight: The Shroud 
Vermin KeeperDevil Assault (Hard) [Doesn't register] 
VyragonRedfang the Unruled 
WhamGhost of a chance EPIC 
YarlburGwylan's Stand 
Zackon NugrohoVale of Twilight 
<- Add a new troll
Troglodyte (80)
Acid-Scar HunterAcid Wit 
Acid-Scar ShamanAcid Wit 
Acid-Scar StalkerAcid Wit 
Acid-Scar WarriorAcid Wit 
Blight GuardianTomb of the Blighted 
Brood Mother CalilzAcid Wit15
Broodmother CalilzAcid Wit15
Chief HakilyzzAcid Wit 
Chief ShyrasserFreshen the Air 
Chieftain RyssyssalThe Pit 
Chieftain ZaokhThe Troglodyte's Get6
DhulokkWater Works rare 
Esarhal the KnaveVale of Twilight: The Shroud 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte AssassinVale of Twilight: The Shroud 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte RangerVale of Twilight 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte ShamanVale of Twilight 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte SniperVale of Twilight: The Shroud 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte SorcererVale of Twilight: The Shroud 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte StalkerVale of Twilight 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte TheurgeVale of Twilight 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte WarchiefVale of Twilight: The Shroud 
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte WarmasterVale of Twilight 
Fiendish Troglodyte ArcherDevil Assalut (hard)12
Fiendish Troglodyte BloodbladeDevils of Shavarath: Tower of Despair 
Fiendish Troglodyte Hunter*Devils of Shavarath: Hall of the Third Legion19
Fiendish Troglodyte KillshotDevils of Shavarath: Tower of Despair 
Fiendish Troglodyte ScoutDevil Assault6
Fiendish Troglodyte SergantDevils of Shavarath: explorable 
Fiendish Troglodyte ShamanDevil Assault6
Fiendish Troglodyte SkirmisherDevil Assault (hard)12
Fiendish Troglodyte StalkerDevils of Shavarath: Hall of the Third Legion19
Fiendish Troglodyte SwordsmanDevil Assault6
Fiendish Troglodyte ThaumaturgeDevils of Shavarath: Tower of Despair 
Fiendish Troglodyte WarriorDevil Assault (hard)12
GizhissDevil Assault (hard)12
HadarachCoalescence Chamber16
High Priest ShylssassThe Pit 
High Theurge TrassilykAcid Wit 
HissahrThe Sunken Sewer4
Hunter of Shavarath?? 
HyrassisMissing in Action [see: Shaman Hyrassis] 
HyssDepths of Doom (rare) 
Iss'larGarrison's Missing Pack 
Jubiless ApprenticeThe Pit 
Jubiless DevoteeThe Pit 
Jubiless PreacherThe Pit 
Jubiless WarlockThe Pit 
Jubiless WarlordThe Pit 
Jungle TroglodyteMount Reysalon17
KassaskThe Subterrane - Central 
KisslorGarrison's Missing Pack2
Matriarch SishlissFreshen the Air 
Priest MyssyralThe Graverobber 
RyssalClan Tunnelworm 
Shaman HyrassisMissing in Action 
Shaman of ShavarathSubterrane - Central 
Shaman PrysassThe Butcher's Path 
Shaman ShiressisGarrison's Missing Pack4
Shaman SyssimarMissing in Action 
SlassMissing in Action2
SlyssarisThe Sunken Sewer [see: Warlock Slyssaris] 
SslyskThe Depths of Despair4
Stalker of Shavarath?? 
SyssimarMissing in Action [see: Shaman Syssimar] 
T´sarin The Depths of Despair 
Thassnoss the MadThe Snitch 
ThreshMissing in Action2
TroglodyteDurk's Got A Secret 
Troglodyte ChiefKobold Assault4
Troglodyte ConvokerAgainst the Demon Queen 
Troglodyte ShamanDurk's Got a Secret 
Troglodyte WarlockThe Graverobber 
Troglodyte WarriorAgainst the Demon Queen 
T'sarinThe Depths of Despair 
Warlock CyressyWalk the Butcher's Path6
Warlock SlyssarisSunken Sewer 
Warlord HissyashaDevil Assault6
XassakTangleroot Gorge rare 
XeshahlMissing in Action2
<- Add a new troglodyte
Kobold (89)
Admiral AnckerThree-Barrel Cove7
BezeekEnter the Kobold2
Black Scale Kobold FighterMired in Kobolds 
Black Scale Kobold ShamanMired in Kobolds 
Blood Tide SkulkerThe Searing Heights 
BoatswainThree-Barrel Cove 
Boss JittikClan Tunnelworm1
CannoneerThree-Barrel Cove 
Chef KraskuthRescuing Arlos 
Chief Crajbek? 
Chieftain KanguilThe Kobold's New Ringleader1
Clan Tunnelworm ThrowerFear Factory 
Clan Tunnelworm WarriorFear Factory 
Clan Tunnelworm WitchFear Factory 
Crystal the GiantDr. Rushmore's Mansion 
Cursed KoboldA Legend Revisited25
DeckhandThree-Barrel Cove 
DesagaEnter the Kobold 
Droaam Combat EngineerAssault on Summerfield 
Droaam Demolitionist Eyes of Stone 
Droaam DiggerAssault on Summerfield 
Droaam SapperAttack on Stormreach 
Gnashtooth BloodletterRescuing Arlos2
GunnerThree-Barrel Cove 
Head Guard GraskitchClan Gnashtooth1
HelmsmanThree-Barrel Cove 
High Priest Pimulpekk? 
Kasquik the MightyThe Shroud 
KoboldMultiple Locations 
Kobold Cabin BoyStorm the Beaches 
Kobold ChieftainKobold Assault, ...4
Kobold LurkerThe Black Loch 
Kobold Petty OfficerSmuggler's Rest 
Kobold Powder LackeySmuggler's Rest 
Kobold ProphetStealthy Reposession3
Kobold RogueKobold Assault, ...4
Kobold SapperBlockade Buster 
Kobold ScavengerKobold Island4
Kobold Sea WitchSmuggler's Rest 
Kobold SentryThe Kobold's New Ringleader 
Kobold ShamanKobold Assault, ...4
Kobold SneakRetrieve the Stolen Goods 
Kobold SpectatorTharashk Arena 
Kobold SwabbieSmuggler's Rest 
Kobold ThrowerKobold Assault, ...4
Kobold WarriorKobold Assault, ...4
KozadBlockade Buster 
KrakkleBlockade Buster 
KromBlockade Buster 
Krusher KoboldTharashk Arena 
Lieutenant KapshtStorm the Beaches 
ManagerBargain of Blood 
Paragon Kobold ShamanEnter the Kobold 
Paragon Kobold WarriorEnter the Kobold 
Priest of Kurtulmak? 
Sea ShamanThree-Barrel Cove 
Sea WitchThree-Barrel Cove 
SentryMultiple Locations 
Shaman Har-harThe Waterworks (Rare Encounter)3
Shaman PrysassThe Butcher's Path [This is a trog, not a kobold] 
Shaman YileyThe Waterworks (Rare Encounter)3
SkartongueIrestone Inlet 
Swamp Fang Kobold SoldierMired in Kobolds 
Swamp Fang Kobold ThrowerMired in Kobolds 
SwashbucklerThree-Barrel Cove 
Tainted KoboldEnter the Kobold 
Tunnelworm Grand ShamanVenn's Fate2
Tunnelworm InterrogatorVenn's Fate2
Warden ArkikRescuing Arlos1
Witch Doctor ChikuThe Smuggler's Warehouse4
Witch Doctor DeezilThe Smuggler's Warehouse4
Witch Doctor GlikStealthy Repossession3
Witch Doctor JeekaStealthy Repossession2
Witch Doctor KarnatchClan Gnashtooth3
Witch Doctor KneezaWalk the Butcher's Path3
Witch Doctor KorbaCome Out and Slay 
Witch Doctor KrankosClan Tunnelworm 
Witch Doctor KutikGarrison's Missing Pack2
Witch Doctor MoogGarrison's Missing Pack3
Witch Doctor NeechaStealthy Repossession3
Witch Doctor RakhatDurk's Got a Secret 
Witch Doctor RaktuThe Smuggler's Warehouse4
Witch Doctor SquaghClan Tunnelworm5
Witch Doctor WazulStealthy Repossession3
Witch Doctor ZeefStop Hazadill's Shipment 
Witch Doctor ZizooDurk's Got a Secret3
<- Add a new kobold
Bugbear (34)
Brakhash the VileKobolds' New Ringleader 
BronkarzKobolds' New Ringleader 
BugbearIrestone Inlet4
Bugbear AssassinTangleroot Gorge: Wilderness 
Bugbear BardCerulean Hills 
Bugbear BuccaneerCrystal Cove event? 
Bugbear ChaplainCrystal Cove Wilderness 
Bugbear DeckhandThree-Barrel Cove 
Bugbear GoonBring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan! 
Bugbear GunnerSmuggler's Rest 
Bugbear NavigatorSmuggler's Rest 
Bugbear QuartermasterThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Bugbear RogueCerulean Hills, Tangleroot Gorge 
Bugbear WarriorIrestone Inlet4
ChurnakRetrieve the Stolen Goods2
CrooktoothThe Red Fens Explorer Area [Does NOT registers] 
FrozHiding in Plain Sight 
GarzadRetrieve the Stolen Goods2
Grogan the PromoterTharashk Arena 
Grundok the QuickThe Kobold's New Ringleader2
Hafgrim MoonhowlerThree-Barrel Cove rare7
HazadillHiding in Plain Sight 
HurlebRetrieve the Stolen Goods2
JarakTangleroot Gorge rare7
KharnosRetrieve the Stolen Goods2
Lurking BruteTharashk Arena 
MadoorohThe Kobold's New Ringleader2
MashpawCome Out and Slay 
RadekHiding in Plain Sight 
RhakmelKobolds' New Ringleader 
Royal GuardBring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan! 
Savage ToothRedwillow's Ruins 
ScurvyIrestone Inlet4
ShackleBargain of Blood 
<- Add a new bugbear
Hobgoblin (72)
Amrog the GatewardenThe Kobold's Blockade 
Arzag-Khor AdeptThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Arzag-Khor BerzerkerThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Arzag-Khor BowmanThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Arzag-Khor LoremasterA Cabal for One 
Arzag-Khor PikemanThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Arzag-Khor SentryThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Arzag-Khor ShamanA Cabal for One 
Arzag-Khor WarmageThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Black Bile EaterRedwillow's Ruins8
Blademaster ChaggFirst Strike5
Blood Tide ArcherThe Searing Heights 
Blood Tide PirateThe Searing Heights 
Blood Tide SkirmisherThe Searing Heights 
Champion GuptrakThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Champion KraznaThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Champion NartrarThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Champion PrantagThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Champion TarkarThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Chief MakkaRuined Halls4
Chief YarkuchYarkuch's Last Stand11
Chieftain Arzag-KhorThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Cloven-Jaw ScoutA Cabal for One 
Cloven-Jaw VeteranA Cabal for One 
Cloven-Jaw WarlordA Cabal for One 
Crippler BigfootGwylan's Stand 
Feldswipe the Shieldbane The Depths of Darkness4
Gardak BruntsmashA Cabal for One 
GharjatTangleroot Gorge rare 
GranduulThe Sacred Helm6
Gribbik SnarlfangThe Depths of Darkness5
Gribblecrux MightyfistRedwillow's Ruins7
Harza Ghost-Wakerthe Crucible 
Hetman ShaaghThe Caverns of Shaagh5
HobbleIrestone Inlet5
Hobgoblin AvengerThe Deadly Package 
Hobgoblin BoatswainThree-Barrel Cove 
Hobgoblin BodyguardClan Tunnelworm 
Hobgoblin ChiefGwylan's Stand 
Hobgoblin ClericIrestone Inlet4
Hobgoblin EmissaryClan Tunnelworm 
Hobgoblin GrenadierSmuggler's Rest 
Hobgoblin Guard*The Sacred Helm3
Hobgoblin InfiltratorIrestone Inlet4
Hobgoblin MarksmanIrestone Inlet4
Hobgoblin Patrol LeaderOuter Splinterskull Fortress 
Hobgoblin QuartermasterCrystal Cove9
Hobgoblin SailorCrystal Cove9
Hobgoblin SlayerIrestone Inlet4
Hobgoblin SpectatorTharashk Arena 
Hobgoblin TacticianYarkuch's War-Plans5
Hobgoblin WardenThe Hobgoblin's Captives5
Hobgoblin WindcallerCrystal Cove9
Hobgoblin Witch DoctorIrestone Inlet4
King BendixA Cabal for One 
KivolA Cabal for One 
Lieutenant Graka-KhorThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Lieutenant Karuk-KhorThe Tear of Dhakaan 
Lieutenant Morkag-KhorThe Tear of Dhakaan 
MaksimA Cabal for One 
MikahiA Cabal for One 
Olcani SpiritshakerThe Depths of Darkness4
Olos NobracA Cabal for One 
Pirate Sailor? 
Reeksun BloodcraverRedwillow's Ruins8
Shaman ReclaimerYarkuch's Last Stand 
Vargo BodybreakerGwylan's Stand 
VokurA Cabal for One 
Vrall the FearlessThe Crucible 
Warmage Zurat-KhorThe Tear of Dhakaan 
YaaryarIrestone Inlet4
Zulkash the Witch-DoctorDoom of the Witch-Doctor7
<- Add a new hobgoblin
Ooze (21)
Arcane OozeVoN 2 
Avatar of JuiblexThe Pit 
Black PuddingCaverns of Korromar 
Blighted OozeTomb of the Blighted 
Digestive SlimeIn The Belly of the Beast 
GlommThe Last Stand 
Gray OozeDurk's Got a Secret 
GuckSearing Heights - Rare Encounter 
Huge Black PuddingThe Restless Istles (Explorer area?) 
Huge Grey OozeCaverns of Korromar 
Huge Ochre JellyCaverns of Korromar 
Huge Violet SlimeDepths series4
Large Grey OozeHiding In Plain Sight 
Large Violet SlimeDepth of Despair 
Lesser Grey OozeSunken Sewer 
Living NightmareDreaming Dark 
MuckDurk's Got A Secret 
Ochre JellyDepths of Doom 
OozoThe Captives -rare5
PhlegmIn The Belly of the Beast 
Violet SlimeThe Sacred Helm 
<- Add a new ooze
Monstrous humanoid
Sahuagin (43)
Aging Sahuagin WarriorShipwreck Shore: The Grotto 
BraktaxxRed Fens: The Last Stand 
brineThree-Barrel Cove 
Deep Water AdeptRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Deep Water ChannelerRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Deep Water MageRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Deep Water ScoutRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Deep Water SergeantRed Fens: The Last Stand 
Deep Water SoldierRed fens: The Last Stand 
Deep Water WarriorRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Dren RalKorthos: The Cannith Cryastal 
Elite Deep Water WarriorRed Fens: Into the Deep 
High Mage of the DepthsRed Fens: Into the Deep 
High Priestess of the DepthsRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Huul EyxKorthos: The Storehouse's Secret 
Jn FalRed Fens: Fathom the Deeps 
Kar XyrRed Fens 
Kiv NerlThe Collaborator2
Mage of the DepthsRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Murm DulKorthos: Redemption 
Nab RenRed Fens Wilderness 
Priest of the DepthsRed Fens: Into the Deep 
Rhix FylKorthos: Necromancer's Doom 
Sab VurlKorthos: Sacrifices 
Sahuagin AdeptKorthos Island 
Sahuagin AssassinChallenge: Kobold island 
Sahuagin BaronKorthos Island 
Sahuagin Battle PriestessChallenge: Kobold Island 
Sahuagin BruteChallenge Kobold Island 
Sahuagin Elite GuardThe Grotto 
Sahuagin Elite WarriorShipwreck Shore: The Grotto 
Sahuagin High PriestessShipwreck Shore: The Grotto 
Sahuagin PriestessKorthos1
Sahuagin ScoutChallenge: Kobold Island 
Sahuagin Sea WitchThree-Barrel Cove 
Sahuagin WarriorKorthos Island 
Sahuagin WhelpKorthos Island 
Tsa KetnRed Fens: The Last Stand 
Vekz SpluhrKorthos Island 
Vyx KaRed Fens 
Wyl MrRed Fens: Fathom the Deeps 
Xirma Vo? 
<- Add a new sahuagin
Gargoyle (16)
Animated StatueDr. Rushmoore's Mansion: Picture Portals 
Brimstone GargoyleUnderdark Arena: The Ring of Fire 
GarggalorWheloon explorer (rare) 
GargoyleSorrowdusk Isle Wilderness 
Gargoyle JuggernautLitany of the Dead 
Gargoyle MinionThe Lord of Stone 
Gargoyle ScoundrelSpies in the House 
GoliathRedfang the Unruled 
Granite GargoyleRedwillow's Ruins 
Guardian GargoyleSpies in the House 
IronwingRaiding the Giants Vault 
LotigathCerulean Hills Rare 
Night GargoyleSummoning Chamber - Mabar Event 
ScoriaThe Lord of Stone 
ToligathRedwillow's Ruins 
<- Add a new gargoyle
Minotaur (42)
Angog the ChampionTharashk Arena 
ArkhatMaze of Madness 
BellowCome Out and Slay 
Boss KharjaThe Scoundrel's Run 
DonoxMaze of Madness 
First MateSearing Heights, Three Barrel Cove 
Forsworn AspirantGianthold Wilderness 
Forsworn HeroGianthold Wilderness 
Forsworn Liege-LordMaze of Madness 
Forsworn MysticGianthold Wilderness 
Fury-Horn MinotaurTharashk Arena 
General ManagerBargain of Blood 
GorehoofStormcleave Outpost 
Heavy LifterThree-Barrel Cove 
HelosStormcleave Outpost 
Infected MinotaurMadstone Crater 
Ironfist PatchfurDepths of Darkness 
Malkian the MadMaze of Madness 
ManeaterGwylan's Stand 
Matador Cabal SeerFrame Work12
Matador ChieftainFrame Work12
Matador RuntFrame Work 
Matador ShamanFrame Work 
Matador WarriorFrame Work 
Minotaur BerserkerThe Depths of Doom 
Minotaur CannoneerSmuggler's Rest 
Minotaur Elder Shaman? 
Minotaur Lord? 
Minotaur MarineCrystal Cove Event 
Minotaur PageTharashk Arena 
Minotaur Sailing MasterCrystal Cove Event 
Minotaur ShamanThe Depths of Doom 
Minotaur SpectatorTharashk Arena 
Minotaur WarriorDepths of Despair 
Minotaur WavefinderSmuggler's Rest 
Minotaur WrestlerStorm the Beaches 
NatozMaze of Madness 
OnyxhornStormcleave Outpost 
ScorchtuskThree-Barrel Cove rare 
Tarmor StonehoofGianthold Wilderness rare 
Twin HornGwylan's Stand 
Zared MightyhoofGwylan's Stand 
<- Add a new minotaur
Player races
Warforged (53)
Ancient WarforgedDreams of Insanity 
Assistant RC2Vault of Night: Haywire Foundary 
Bladeforged ArtificierSecrets of the Artificers: Lord of Blades 
Bladeforged AssassinSecrets of the Artificers: Lord of Blades 
Bladeforged PaladinSecrets of the Artificers: Lord of Blades 
Bladesworn ArtificersSecrets of the Artificers: House Cannith Manufactury 
Bladesworn AssassinsSecrets of the Artificers: House Cannith Manufactury 
Bladesworn ClericSecrets of the Artificers: Power Play 
Bladesworn PaladinSecrets of the Artificers: House Cannith Manufactury 
Bladesworn RecruitSecrets of the Artificers: Research Facility 
Bladesworn TempestSecrets of the Artificers: House Cannith Manufactury 
BulatSecrets of the Artificers: House Cannith Manufactury 
Cannith Artificer? 
Cannith Guard? 
Cartel SentryHiding in Plain Sight 
CochitlehuaThe Ruins of Gainthold: The Prison Of Planes 
DackleSecrets of the Artificers: Schemes of the Enemy 
DeckhandThree-Barrel Cove: Three-Barrel Cove 
Foundry DroneVault of Night: Haywire Foundary 
Foundry EngineerVault of Night: Haywire Foundary 
Foundry SurveyorVault of Night: Haywire Foundary 
Foundry TrobleshooterVault of Night: Haywire Foundary 
Galinstan, the Bladeforged PaladinSecrets of the Artificers: Research Facility 
GathererSecrets of the Artificers: Blown to Bits 
HunterSecrets of the Artificers: Blown to Bits 
Nakoma, Warforged LonerThe Reaver's Reach: Mount Reysalon (wilderness) 
Overseer RC1Vault of Night: Haywire Foundary 
Pirate Sailor? 
PraseodymSecrets of the Artificers: Research Facility 
QuartermasterThree-Barrel Cove: Three-Barrel Cove 
QuorforgedSecrets of the Artificers: Research Facility 
RetconChronoscope (need gloaming philter) 
Rhan'tasz, the Quorforged zombieSecrets of the Artificers: Research Facility 
SteelthornSecrets of the Artificers: Power Play 
StelliteSecrets of the Artificers: House Cannith Manufactury 
Stormreach AdventurerChronoscope (need Gloaming philter) 
Subverted DroneVault of Night: Vault of Night 
Subverted SentinelVault of Night: Vault of Night 
Syndicate BarbarianThe Sharn Syndicate: Dirty Laudry 
Warfodged Death PriestRuins of Threnal: Escort the Expedition 
Warforged ApprenticeThe Swiped Signet 
Warforged BanditThe Swiped Signet 
Warforged BarbarianThe Swiped Signet 
Warforged Barbarian ShamanThe Bounty Hunter 
Warforged BardThe Bounty Hunter 
Warforged Fighter/WizardThe Bounty Hunter 
Warforged Hunter The Bounty Hunter 
Warforged Men-At-ArmsThe Bounty Hunter, The Swiped Signet 
Warforged Pirate MarineSentinels of Stormreach: The Tide Turns 
Warforged PrototypeGhost of a Chance 
Warforged WarriorThe Bounty Hunter 
ZirconThe Sharn Syndicate: Repossession 
<- Add a new warforged
Elf (56)
Acolyte of VolThe Church and The Cult 
Alyk GlenweirA Study in Sable 
Apprentice of VolThe Church and The Cult 
Arlyn FeathercrestGwylan's Stand 
Bane Captain Jacosta the PlundererSmuggler's Rest23
Blaeric GoodspeedThe Bounty Hunter 
Cartel SmuglerHiding in Plain Sight 
Celine PeacemakerPurge the Heretics 
Cultist RangerOrchard of the Macabre 
Cultist SentryOrchard of the Macabre 
Deuce DarlyPartycrashers 
Dread Captain Arkon the AnvilSmuggler's Rest23
Drog BlackhandThe Bounty Hunter 
Elf AcolytePurge the Heretics 
Elf BanditDepths of Doom 
Elf BarbarianThe Bounty Hunter 
Elf Barbarian ShamanThe Bounty Hunter 
Elf BardPurge the Heretics 
Elf CommonerPurge the Heretics 
Elf Fighter/WizardGwylan's Stand 
Elf FootpadRuined Halls 
Elf HunterThe Bounty Hunter 
Elf Man-at-ArmsGwylan's Stand 
Elf NecromancerGwylan's Stand 
Elf PriestPurge the Heretics 
Elf WarriorPurge the Heretics 
Elona TaoliDream Conspiracy 
Flamebound SacrificerOrchard of the Macabre 
Gentleman GlinProve Your Worth68
Illusionary GuardPartycrashers 
Illusionary GuidePartycrashers 
Infernal ThaumaturgeOrchard of the Macabre 
Leinar MoonwillowThe Church and The Cult 
Lyardiir ArrowfelGwylan's Stand 
Maldetto DevoteeCursed Crypt 
Necromancer of VolThe Church and The Cult 
Oisin The MercifulPurge the Heretics 
Orphne's ShadowThe Prisoner 
Phiarlan RetainerUnder the Bigtop 
Priest of VolThe Church and The Cult 
Priestess of SharWheloon Prison 
Quarion StormbringerRuined Halls 
Ras CloweryThe Bounty Hunter 
Scourge Captain SilverbladeSmuggler's Rest23
Silver Concord RangerFoundation of Discord 
Slayer MageOrchard of the Macabre 
Smiling SamDr Rushmore's Mansion 
SwashbucklerThree Barrel Cove Slayer Area 
Syndicate ArcherCome Out and Slay 
Syndicate SpellsingerCome Out and Slay 
Voidmind Phiarlan NobleThe Enemy Within 
Vol CultistThe Church and The Cult 
Warehouse WorkerHarbinger of Madness: Sinister Storage 
Yewil d'PhiarlanUnder the Bigtop 
<- Add a new elf
Halfling (32)
Bellisandra TidyJeets' Mind 
Cartel SmugglerHiding In Plain Sight 
Comdemned BurglarWheedon Prison 
Condemned TrapsmithWheloon Prison 
Copper Concord RogueGianthold: Foundation of Discord 
DeathshadowThe Grave Robber 
EgoJeets' Mind 
Fyvel GasparThe Enemy Within 
Gwydion DogbaneRuined Halls 
Halfling BanditRuined Halls 
Halfling Barbarian Shaman? 
Halfling BardPurge the Heretics 
Halfling CommonerPurge the Heretics 
Halfling Fighter/WizardPurge the Heretics 
Halfling HunterBounty Hunter6
Halfling Man-at-ArmsBounty Hunter6
Halfling NecromancerOld Grey Garl 
Halfling PriestBounty Hunter6
Halfling WarriorBounty Hunter6
Jessandra TidyJeets' Mind 
Lilandra TidyI Dream of Jeets 
Marek MalcanusThe Prisoner (EH , EE) 
SalitreWheloon Prison 
Shanty SingerThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Silver Flame ScoutThe Cursed Crypt 
Stormreach AdventurerChronoscope (Gloaming philter) 
Sulek SpineriderDream Conspiracy 
Super-EgoI Dream of Jeets 
SwashbucklerThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Syndicate ProwlerCome Out and Slay 
Voidmind Jorasco NobleThe Enemy Within 
Warrior of the Emerald ClawCaged Trolls 
<- Add a new halfling
Human (186)
Acolyte of FlameInferno of the damned 
Acolyte of VolThe Church and the Cult 
Aeducan GobbanSpawn of Whisperdoom 
Agent WestbrookeRuined Halls 
AnnelisaThe Bounty Hunter 
Bandit ArcherKing's Forest 
Bandit BardKing's Forest 
Bandit SneakKing's Forest 
Benny the HandCome Out and Slay 
Blood Tide ArcherSpies in the House 
Blood Tide SPySpies in the House 
Boatswain JaredStorm the Beaches 
Bonded DeckhandThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Brother Qessul, Dark ClericExtermination 
Calefax the MadTaming the Flames 
Cannith ArtificerSecrets of the Artificers: Schemes of the Enemy 
Cannith GuardHouse Cannith Manufactory: (quest?) 
Cannith Rebel GuardSecrets of the Artificers: The Master Artificer 
Captain Howell GoldhornGhost of a Chance 
Captain Michael TewThe Tide Turns 
Cartel SentryHiding in Plain Sight 
Cartel SmugglerHiding in Plain Sight 
Celimas VilluhneJeets' Mind 
Celine PeacemakerPurge the Heretice 
City GuardThe Stormreaver Fresco 
City Guard ArcherThe Stormreaver Fresco 
City Guard OfficerThe Stormreaver Fresco 
Copper Concord BardFoundation of Discord 
Cormyr War Wizard?? 
Corrupted DruidDruids Curse 
Cultisst GuardDream Conspiracy 
CultistThe Lords of Dust 
Cultist JailerCaptives of the Cult 
Cultist of the SixChurch of the Fury 
Cultist SpyDream Conspiracy 
Cultist SureshotDream Conspiracy 
Damsel In DistressJeets' Mind 
Dar Qat ArcherReclaiming Memories 
Dar Qat AssassinThe Dreaming Dark: Reclaiming Memories 
Dar Qat CaptainThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
Dar Qat SoldierReclaiming Memories 
Death KnightThe Lords of Dust 
Death's AdvocateTomb of the Crimson Heart 
DeckhandThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Deranged FollowerHarbinger of Madness: Fear Factory 
Devourer AcolyteKorthos Island1
Devourer DiscipleKorthos Island 
Devourer MinionKorthos Island 
Devourer WarpriestKorthos: Necromancer's Doom 
Dheren KiettucBargain of Blood 
Disciple of the ShadowSpies in the House 
Doom Sword?? 
Dr. Will Ewe RushmoreChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Dreadlord GiddeonThrall of the Necromancer 
Dreamer CultistDream Conspiracy 
Drenyl FallowKorthos: Sacrifices 
DrienThorn and Paw 
Dun ButcherThrall of the Necromancer 
Eidolon DarkmistThe Maze of Madness 
Eoman GalliusHiding in Plain Sight 
Fated RevenantThrall of the Necromancer 
GloomstreakerThrall of the Necromancer 
Gnaghi UgnotProod is in the Poison 
Golem AssemblerFleshmaker's Labratory 
Golem EnchanterFleshmaker's Lab 
Golem EscortNecro 4: Orchard of the Macabre 
Grim HarvesterTomb of the Crimson Heart 
Guard FolgerThe Stormreaver Fresco 
Guard ProsserMissing 
Haas MazinThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
High CultistChurch of the Fury 
Hosha SollegoProof is in the Poison4
Human ApprenticeThe Swiped Signet 
Human BrigandBringing the Light2
Human CommonerPurge the Heretics 
Human FootpadThe Swiped Signet 
Human HunterBounty Hunter6
Human NecromancerThe Depths of Darkness 
Human Paladin ?? 
Human PirateSentinels of Stormreach: Storm the Beaches 
Human SmugglerInformation is Key 
Human ThugThe Swiped Signet 
Human WarriorPurge the Heretics 
Ilmarin TychonnThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Infernal WarriorOrchard of the Macabre 
Initiate of VolThe Church and the Cult 
Inspired Cultist ClericDream Conspiracy 
Inspired Cultist WizardDream Conspiracy 
Inspired Dar Qat WarpriestThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
Inspired Elite TrooperThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
Inspired MenderThe Dreaming Dark: Mining for Ancient Secrets 
Inspired SorcererThe Dreaming Dark: Raiding the Giant's Vault 
Jacoby DrexelhandThe Collaborator 
Jianna ShaeHiding in Plain Sight 
Karrnathi ApprenticeThe Black Loch 
KlausHiding in Plain Sight 
Kondo SolanumThe Path of Inspiration: The Shipwrecked Spy 
Kornan GaanThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
Kuldail UkienDruid's Curse 
LarresThorn and Paw 
Maldetto DevoteeNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Maldetto DiscipleNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Maldetto ThrallNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Male PatientSane Asylum 
MaridethThe Lords of Dust 
Master of the HoundsRepossession 
MentauLitany of the Dead 
Necromancer ApprenticeSpies in the House 
Necromancer of VolThe Church and the Cult 
NilWheloon explorer (rare - need gloaming potion to kill) 
Noqan ViisThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
Odd Stormreach CitizenSane Asylum 
Oisin the MercifulPurge the Heretics8
Pestilent HuntsmanTomb of the Crimson Heart 
Phantasmal CookVaults of the Artificers: Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Behind the Door 
Phantasmal HeraldChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Phantasmal Man-at-ArmsChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Phantasmal MessangerChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Phantasmal SentinelChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Phantasmal ServantChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Pirate Captain GoldhornSmuggler's Rest23
Prelate Vendisto of the SixFall of the Prelate 
Priest of DamnationThe Necropolis Part 4: Orchard of the Macabre 
Priest of the Burning HeartThe Bloody Crypt 
Priest of the Crimson HeartThe Bloody Crypt 
Priest of the Immortal HeartThe Bloody Crypt 
Priest of the Sanguine HeartThe Bloody Crypt 
Priest of VolThe Church and the Cult 
Priestess of AmaunatorI don't know 
Purple Dragon KnightKing's Forest 
QuendrelThe Bookbinder Rescue 
Quickfoot CasterProof is in the Poison4
Quickfoot Cat BurglarExplosive Situation1
Quickfoot FighterProof is in the Poison4
Quickfoot Master ThiefExplosive Situation2
Quinn the QuickfootThe Swiped Signet 
Radhnik OdeenNecropolis Part 4: Orchard of the Macabre 
Raider Captain BloodbladeSmuggler's Rest23
Ramsay MorcortBringing the Light 
Rebel Cannith ArtificierCannith Manufactury 
Rebel Cannith FighterCannith Manufactory 
Rowan WatzunSpies in the House 
Scion of WrathTomb of the Crimson Heart 
Shanty SingerThree-Barrel Cove 
Silver Concord FighterFoundation of Discord 
Silver Flame Elite TemplarNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Silver Flame FriarNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Silver Flame ScoutNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Silver Flame SoldierNeccro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Silver Flame War PriestNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Silver Flame WarriorNecro 3: Cursed Crypt 
Slab the CrusherStand Your Ground 
Suspicious Stormreach GuardSane Asylum 
SwashbucklerThree-Barrel Cove: Wilderness 
Swashbuckler ScoundrelSpies in the House 
Swiftfoot CasterMissing 
Swiftfoot GangsterMissing 
Syndicate ArcanistThe Sharn Syndicate 
Syndicate EnforcerCome Out and Slay 
Syndicate MagusCome Out and Slay 
Syndicate MuscleThe Sharn Syndicate 
Syndicate SlayerCome Out and Slay 
Syndicate SwiftbladeDirty Laundry 
Talon DarsinCome Out and Slay 
TashkaarFinding the Path 
Tegan DarsitCannith Manufactury 
Tessa VanderkliefeNecro 3: Tomb of the Forbidden 
ThaalanThe Cerulean Hills 
ThomrenThorn and Paw 
TorkaarThe Path of Inspiration: The Mindsunder 
Twilight ChannelerThrall of the Necromancer 
UdoHiding in Plain Sight 
Unholy FriarNecro 3/4 
Unholy PriestOrchard of the macabre 
VillagerKing's Forest 
Voidmind Deneith NobleThe Enemy Within 
Vol CultistThe Church and the Cult 
Warehouse WorkerHarbinger of Madness: Sinister Storage 
Warrior of the Emerald ClawCaged Trolls 
Warrior of the SixSorrowdusk Isle 
Warriro CultistNecro 3 
Washer WillDirty Laundry 
Wayward Adventurer?? 
Zakya Cult ArcherA Cry for Help 
Zakya CultistA Cry for Help 
Zombie ShepherdNecropolis Part 4: Orchard of the Macabre 
<- Add a new human
Ghoul (14)
Carrion FeederNecro13
Corpse GluttonTomb of the Sanguine Heart 
Fallow GhoulFrom Beyond The Grave 
Flamebound SacrificeLitany of the Damned 
Ghast of Gerard DrydenCatacombs 
Infernal WarriorLitany of the Dead 
Kabran The VileTomb of the Crimson Heart 
Kaenis the BeggerThe Chamber of Rahmat 
Menechtarun GhastWizard King 
Menechtarun GhoulWizard king 
Wzciek Mawr? 
Wzcrek Mawr(Norm or Casual) Tomb of the Immortal Heart 
<- Add a new ghoul
Wraith (36)
Arkasic DrydenEndgame: The Archbishop's Fate 
Ashok KhalidanPurge the Fallen Shrine 
Callin FornanThe Shadow Crypt 
Colvis HammercrushCaverns of Korromar 
Darek GarentUnknown 
DeathshadeFrom Beyond the Grave 
Delera OmarenDelera's 
Dread WraithThe Keeper's Sanctuary 
Dread Wraith LordOrchard of the Macabre 
Dread Wraith PatrolCaptives of the Cult 
Dread Wraith WizardTomb of the Unhallowed 
Edeva YllkaOrchard of the Macabre 
Hand of OllandraAgainst the Demon Queen 
Horus HammercrushCaverns of Korromar 
Jack JibbersThree-Barrel Cove (Epic) 
Kervan NeratTomb of the Shadow Guard 
MargueriteEndgame: Marguerite 
Morrigan XiRazdynHaunted Library 
Phasing WraithAscension Chamber 
Shade of AgonyChamber of Insanity 
Shade of DespairChamber of Insanity 
Shade of DestructionThe Mystery of Delera's Tomb 
Shade of HatredChamber of Insanity 
Shade of MadnessChamber of Insanity 
Shadow GuardThe Shadow Crypt 
Shadow KingThe Shadow Crypt 
Shadow KnightThe Shadow Crypt 
Shadow LordThe Shadow Crypt 
Shrouded TerrorThe Shadow Crypt 
Shrouded Terror MageThe Shadow Crypt 
Soul-Lock GuardianFree Delera 
The Soulless WarriorThe Depths of Discord 
Timoty JoremThe Shadow Crypt 
Vault GuardianThe Xorian Cipher 
Waine BrouschTomb of the Shadow King 
WraithCaverns of Korromar and many other quests 
<- Add a new wraith
Skeleton (105)
Acolyte of the FlameLitany of the Dead 
Alexi DrangeDelera: From beyond the Grave 
Ancient EnchanterMadstone Crater 
Ancient Giant HunterThe Subterrane 
Ancient Giant PriestThe Subterrane 
Ancient Giant WarriorThe Subterrane 
Ancient Giant WizardThe Subterrane 
Ancient WarlockSubterrean 
Ancient WarriorGianthold Tor 
Ancient WizardGianthold Tor 
Arcane BlackboneStormcleave Outpost, The Church and the Cult 
Arcane Skeletonvarious 
Blackbone KnightCaged Trolls 
Blackbone KyudokaSoami Gardens17
Blackbone MarksmanStormcleave Outpost 
Blackbone RoninSoami Gardens17
Blackbone ThrallCaged Trolls 
Blackbone Wu JenSoami Gardens17
Blighted FriarOrchard, while defending Radhnik Odeen 
Blighted MagusOrchard, while defending Radhnik Odeen 
Blighted ScrapperOrchard, while defending Radhnik Odeen 
Blighted SoldierOrchard, while defending Radhnik Odeen 
Boneshrieker HarrierXorian Cypher 
Boneshrieker LegionnaireXorian Cypher 
Boneshrieker SavantXorian Cypher 
BrackNecro 3: Tomb of the Unhallowed 
Brimstone Gate KeeperNecto 3: Cursed Crypt 
Cannoneer StrinatiThree-Barrel Cove 
CervantesThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
Charred SacrificeThe Restless Isles (explorer) 
Cloud Giant LordMabar: Delera's Graveyard 
Cloud Giant MageMabar: Delera's Graveyard 
Corilyan UrdakXorian Cypher 
Cruor RossoSearing Heights rare 
Cymon Durosom, Arcane SkeletonOrchard of the Macabre Rare 
Drowned InnocentSoami Gardens 
Dryden AncestorThe Catacombs: The Crypt of Gerard Dryden 
Elete Skeleton SorcererReclaiming Memories 
Elite Skeletan KnightReclaiming Memories 
Elite Skeleton ArcherReclaiming Memories 
Entropic Giant SkeletonChallenge: Kobold Island: The Disruptor 
Eternal HunterMired in Kobolds 
Eternal WarriorDelera: And the Dead Shall Rise, Necro 3: Cursed Crypt,  
Eternal WizardNecro 3: Cursed Crypt, Demon Sands 
Ex-Pirate SkeletonCrystal Cove 
Flamebound SacrificerLitany of the Dead 
Front Giant YarlMabar 
Frost Giant SoldierMabar 
Frostmarrow EvokerThe Enemy Within 
Frostmarrow HuntsmanThe Enemy Within 
Frostmarrow SellswordThe Enemy Within 
Frostmarrow ShamblerThe Enemy Within 
GaramolSubterrane Rare 
GatekeeperGianthold Tor 
Ghostly SkeletonDelera's Domb 
Giant Skeleton Barbarian? 
Giant Skeleton WarriorLitany of the Dead 
Greater Arcane SkeletonDelera: Valak's Mausoleum, Catacombs: The Patriarch's Crypt 
Hill Giant WarriorMabar: Delera's Graveyard20
Infernal WarriorLitany of the Dead 
Kai-Teng FairuzaLitany of the Dead 
Lady Nepenthe's sonRest for the Restless 
Lonni RenaldoDelera: From Beyond the Grave 
Lornatch UrdakXorian Xypher 
Madellia Braelon, Blackbone Skeleton Orchard of the Macabre Rare 
Nepenthe's SonRest for the Restless 
Omaren AssassinDelera: The Missing Party 
Omaren MagusDelera: The Missing Party 
Omaren SniperDelera: The Missing Party 
Palmis Samit, Giant SkeletonOrchard of the Macabre Rare 
Prince GornardRed Fens: Claw of Vulkoor9
Sacrificed CultistLords of Dust 
Sarmato UrdakXorian Cypher 
Skeletal ArcherThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias, Sentinels: Spies in the House 
Skeletal Archer Ex-PirateCrystal Cove 
Skeletal Archmage?,Mabar 
Skeletal DeckhandThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
Skeletal Drow SlaveReclaiming Memories 
Skeletal GiantReclaiming Memories 
Skeletal MageThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
Skeletal Puppetvarious in Forgotten Realms 
Skeletal QuatermasterThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
Skeletal Shock-TrooperDelera: From Beyond the Grave 
Skeletal Storm-HunterDelera: From Beyond the Grave 
Skeletal SwashbucklerThree-Barrel Cove: Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 
SkeletonHeyton's Rest 
Skeleton Archervarious 
Skeleton ArcusMira's Sleepless Nights 
Skeleton CaptainThree Barrel Cove: Old Grey Garl 
Skeleton In Jeets' ClosetJeets' Mind 
Skeleton KnightThe Enemy Within 
Skeleton Knight CaptainDelera: Valak's Mausoleum 
Skeleton SkirmisherRecovering the Lost Tome 
Skeleton SwordsmanDepths of ... 
Skeleton VeteranDepths of Darkness 
Skeleton WarriorKorthos: Necromancer's Doom 
Spahgetti ChefDjinni's Super Secret Ristorante 
Temple GuardianThe Church and The Cult 
Than HapThe Restless Isles (explorer) 
The Thirsty OneSands of Menechtarun rare 
Tormented BonesNecro 3: Tomb of the Tormented 
Undying Warden? 
ValakDelera: Valak's Mausoleum 
Valak's FirstbornDelera: Valak's Mausoleum 
Warlock of MadstoneMadstone Crater 
<- Add a new skeleton
Zombie (68)
Blight ZombieNecropolis Part 3: Tomb of the Blighted 
Brimstone ServitorAnd the Dead Shall Rise... 
Crypt ZombieThe Keeper's Sanctuary 
Cursed PirateA legend Revisited 
Dheren KiettucThe Tide Turns 
Dread Elf ZombieLitany of the Dead (Mentau) 
Dread ZombieDead Predators 
Drow ZombieThe House of Death Undone 
DrownedThe Red Fens8
Dwarf ShamblerEerie Forest16
Dwarf ZombieKorthos 
Edrassa the BetrayedDemon Sands: Against the Demon Queen 
Elf ShamblerEerie Forest16
Elf ZombieKorthos 
Entombed ConcubineRahmat's Tomb 
Entombed SlaveSands of Menechtarun 
Ex-pirate BoatswainSmugler's rest 
Failed ExperimentThe Black Loch 
Fallen WorkerCaverns of Korromar 
Gate SwarmerFrom Beyond the Grave 
Half-elf Zombie?? 
Halfling ZombieMarguerite 
Harbinger CorpseNecro 4: Orchard of the Macabre 
Human ShamblerEerie Forest16
JezzeraeThe Chamber of Rahmat7
Ju-Ju ZombieHaunted Halls of Eveningstar32
Magician's AssistantUnder the Big Top [Doesn't registers] 
Necrotic BankerVault of Night 
Necrotic EngineerVault of Night 
Necrotic GuardVault of Night 
Omaren PugilistThe Missing Party 
Pyttan AyrienneOrchard of the macabre 
Raised Dragon KnightKing's Forest 
Raised War wizardKing's Forest 
Reanimated AdventurerHaunted Halls of Eveningstar31
Reanimated CorpseThe Haunted Halls of Eveningstar31
Risen ServitorNecro 1: Tomb of the Crimson Heart4
Rotting Dwarf ZombieThe Friar's Niece 
Rotting Elf ZombieThe Friar's Niece 
Rotting Half-Elf ZombieRescuing Arlos 
Rotting Halfling ZombieThe Friar's Niece 
Rotting ZombieDead Predators 
Rowan WatzunThe Tide Turns 
Shambling CorpseSpawn of Whisperdoom 
Shuffling CadaverTomb of the Unhallowed 
Shuffling Dwarf CadaverTomb of the Unhallowed 
Shuffling Elf CadaverTomb of the Unhallowed 
Shuffling Halfling CadaverTomb of the Unhallowed 
Slain VillagerUnquiet Graves 
Tormented SoulTomb of the Tormented 
Undead Arch-Necromancereveningstar challenge 
Undead BarbarianHarbinger of Madness: Fear Factory 
Undead CavalierHarbinger of Madness: Fear Factory 
Undead MagicianHarbinger of Madness: Fear Factory 
Undead NecromancerKing's Forest 
Undead Priestess SilanHouse of Death Undone 
Undead RangerHarbinger of Madness: Fear Factory 
Vanya AmantuThe Stormreaver Fresco 
Vessel of the FaithTomb of the Sanguine Heart4
Vinaldor the FaithlessAgainst the Demon Queen 
ZombieKorthos and just about any undead quest 
Zombie CaptainThe Black Loch 
Zombie MarksmanThe Black Loch 
Zombie MateThe Black Loch 
Zombie PirateThe Black Loch 
Zombie WizardThe Black Loch 
<- Add a new zombie
Spider (94)
AkorstraImpossible Demands 
Ancient ArachnidTrial By Fire 
Ancient Arachnid QueenTrial By Fire 
ArithnaracDeal and the Demon 
Astral HarrowerThe Demonweb 
Baby Glass SpiderThe Swiped Signet 
Black WidowKobold's New Ringleader 
Bloated Flame EaterThe Spinner of Shadows 
Blood-DrinkerYarkuch's War-Plans6
Brown SpiderKobold's New Ringleader, vairious 
Brown Spider PrinceRuined Halls 
Brown Spider QueenArachnophobia 
Brown Twilight SpiderFrame Work 
Brush CreeperHigh Road20
CalamityThe Smuggler's Warehouse 
CaliginThe Shadow Crypt 
CicicKorthos Island 
ClearfangCleansing the Temple 
Crimson Foot DroneVale of Twilight 
Crimson Foot HeraldVale of Twilight 
Crimson Foot ScoutVale of Twilight 
Crimson Foot ShepherdVale of Twilight 
Crimson Foot SlayerVale of Twilight 
Crimson Foot SoldierVale of Twilight 
Crimson Foot WorkerVale of Twilight 
Darkfang HunterFaithful Departed, ... 
Darkfang SpiderSpawn of Whisperdoom 
Deathjump SpiderForgotten Realms, many appearances 
DelugeSkyros' Jewel 
Demonic Swarmhorde SpiderThe Demonweb 
Demonweb TerrorThe Demonweb21
DimmetTomb of the Shadow King 
DuskThe Shadow Crypt 
EcruWaterworks rare3
FencreeperRed Fens 
Fiend-Blood SpiderSubterrane-Central 
Fiend-Blood Spider QueenSubterrane-Central 
Fiendish SpiderServants of the Overlord 
Fiendish Spider QueenDevils of Shavarath: Hall of the Third Legion19
Flame EaterThe Spinner of Shadows 
Frost SpiderAussitcaex's Valley in Reavers Refuge 
FrostbiteKorthos: Misery's Peak 
Glass SpiderThe Swiped Signet 
Glass Spider QueenThe Restless Isles, Ruins of Threnal quests 
Glass Twilight SpiderVale of Twilight 
GloamTomb of the Shadow Knight 
GreenstalkerThe End of the Road 
GrudgeThe Swiped Signet 
HarrowerChallenge: Fight to the Finish 
HellgutAtaraxia's Haven 
Household VerminChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Hyaline MatriarchNecro 3: Tomb of the Forbidden 
Ice SpiderKorthos Island 
JukreeVale of Twilight rare17
KraakKorthos: Stopping the Sahuagin 
Large SpiderThe Underdark 
MandibleThe Snitch 
MiasmaGarrison's Missing Pack 
MiseryClan Gnashtooth3
Mother of the NestChallenge: Rushmore's Mansion 
Mother of ThousandsBeyond The Rift 
Phase SpiderTomb of Shadow Knight, Shadow Crypt 
PyrachnidChallenge: Circle of Fire 
Quori StalkerVoN: The Prisoner 
RedfangRedfang the Unruled 
Restless SpiderA Small Problem 
Rrh'gitli, the Harvester of SoulsThe Demonweb 
RuinThe Sunken Sewer 
ScourgeThe Swiped Signet 
Shev'aaThe Portal Opens 
Shev'aalThe Portal Opens 
SilkweaveTangleroot Gorge rare6
SkitterThe Druid's Curse 
Small Brown SpiderKorthos Island 
Spawn of WhisperdoomSpawn of Whisperdoom 
Spider of Unusual SizeHigh Road rare 
Spider SoulThe Demonweb 
SpiteClan Gnashtooth3
Swarmhorde SpiderThe King's Forest, Beyond the Rift17
The Twilight MotherFrame Work 
TsirrikTrial by Fury 
Twilight Black WidowVale of Twilight 
Twilight Brown SpiderVale of Twilight 
Twilight DarkfangVale of Twilight 
Twilight WidowFrame Work 
VenomRedfang the Unruled1
Vicious Deathjump SpiderThe Demonweb 
VitiaThree-Barrel Cove 
Websnare SpiderBeyond the Rift 
WhisperdoomSpawn of Whisperdoom 
Whisperdoom's DaughterSpawn of Whisperdoom 
WhitefangSchemes of the Enemy 
WoatheProof is in the Poison 
Wood SpiderTomb of the Blighted 
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Scorpion (50)
Aspect of WrathOffering of Blood 
BileRedfang the Unruled 
Cave Twilight ScorpionVale of Twilight (Explorer) 
ChactiniMonastery of the Scorpion 
Claw of VulkoorMt. Reysalon Wilderness 
Cove ScorpionThree-Barrel Cove (Explorer)6
Crystal ScorpionLava Caves: Circles of Power 
Death StalkerThe Faithful Departed 
DeathfangThe Xorian Cipher 
Desert ScorpionRuined Halls 
Desert Twilight ScorpionThe Vale of Twilight: Wilderness 
DoomstalkerDesert Caravan 
DunestalkerDesert Caravan 
DuskspurThe Swiped Signet 
EbonyCerulean Hills rare 
Fiend-Blood ScorpionVale of Twilight (Explorer) 
Fiendish Monstrous ScorpionDevil Assault6
Gloom's HuntressRaid the Vulkoorim 
HatchlingRaid the Vulkoorim5
Healing ScorpionThe Claw of Vulkoor 
Hell ScorpionDevil Assault (Hard) 
Illusionary ScorpionPartycrashers 
Island ScorpionAtaraxia's Haven 
Jungle ScorpionDiplomatic Impunity 
LaceratorThree-Barrel Cove rare7
Large Monstrous ScorpionRedwillow's Ruins 
Large Twilight ScorpionVale of Twilight (Explorer) 
Medium Monstrous ScorpionTangleroot, Haverdasher, and many more... 
Menechtarun CleaverOffering of Blood 
Menechtarun CrusherOffering of Blood 
Monarch ScorpionRedwillow's Ruins 
NeedleclawDiplomatic Impunity 
Nesting ScorpionClaw of Vulkoor 
Night ScorpionRedwillow's Ruins 
RancorThe Smuggler's Warehouse3
RavenousRedwillow's Ruins3
RhathSorrowdusk Isle rare8
Roaming ScorpionThe Claw of Vulkoor 
SandstalkerDesert Caravan11
SchenkerAtaraxia's Haven rare12
Scorpion AmbusherThe Claw of Vulkoor 
Scorpion GuardianThe Claw of Vulkoor 
SnikkitRestless Isles (Explorer)10
Spawn of VulkoorRaid the Vulkoorim 
VengeanceDelera's Tomb: The Mystery of Delera's Tomb 
Vile Twilight ScorpionVale of Twilight (Explorer) 
VilestingTangleroot Gorge rare6
WrathspawnRaid the Vulkoorim11
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